We’re turning the world of social currency upside-down.

Bet Your Followers is a Twitter game where you can gamble your followers in a game of chance. If you win, you'll gain followers. But if you're unlucky, you'll lose followers. Yes, really. In the few days since launch, many thousands of followers have already been won and lost. For more on how to play, check out the FAQ.

We (Bubble Fusion Labs) are a small team of creative geeks working in San Francisco. We hack on Ruby, waste time on Twitter, and maintain a firm grip on the Foursquare mayorship of our favorite burrito joint.

We’re Listening

We’re also big fans of our customers. For comments, complaints, praise, or questions: Tweet us, email us, or join our community on Get Satisfaction. Tell us what you think!



Much love to Github, Foursquare, rainbow moments, fizzy water, Republic bikes, and most of all, to Twitter. Thanks, yo!

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