Dear Twitter,

We realize that Bet Your Followers isn’t your typical Twitter app. We created it to examine new behaviors and explore the value of Twitter relationships. The reason we made an app that lets people risk their followers was to pose the question: If a mass of Twitter followers constitutes social currency, can it be gambled and exchanged like real currency?

We’ve been enthusiastic Twitter users since the early days and we genuinely value Twitter as a social service (not to mention as a lovely API — thank you!). Our own followers are dearly important to us. But as Twitter grows, we’ve watched the race to accrue followers become a strange obsession . Whenever a sizeable group believes something to be sacred, it historically falls to artists, scientists, and hackers to question and play with that assumption. It is with this curious spirit that we created Bet Your Followers. It was also a lot of fun to make.

We realize our efforts could be construed as a violation of your API Terms of Service but we hope you see the value in our exploration of these issues. We’d love it if you DM us before giving us the boot, if you’re even thinking of doing that — of course, we would never risk unfollowing you :-)


Bubble Fusion Labs (@jm3, @sferik, @vnaylon, @ryanemmm, @kev_in, @jonelvekrog)

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